Types Of Sea Turtles In The Philippines

In the Philippines, there are five types of sea turtles commonly found and they are as follows:

Green Turtle

Distinctive Characteristic: Its fat is green in color.

Description: It has a smaller head and its carapace (protective shell) is shaped like an egg.

Food: Small fishes, shrimps, and crabs in its first year; shifts to sea grasses, seaweeds, and moss during the later years.

Length: Its carapace can reach up to 125 cm

Weight: 113 to 182 kg

Hawksbill Turtle

Distinctive Characteristic: Its mouth is shaped like the beak of an eagle and its carapace has scales that are on top of one another.

Food: Different sea creatures like fishes, shrimps, and crabs. Their favorite is sponge, which can be found in reefs.

Length: Up to 91 cm

Weight: 36 to 46 kg

Olive Ridley Turtle

Distinctive Characteristic: This is the smallest sea turtle in the Philippines.

Food: Sea creatures like shrimps, small crabs, snails, and fishes.

Length: Up to 70 cm

Weight: 36 to 41 kg

Loggerhead Turtle

Distinctive Characteristic: Similar to green turtle, except that it has a bigger head.

Description: Its carapace is shaped like heart, and its color is reddish.

Food: It eats shells.

Length: Up to 114 cm

Weight: 113 to 182 kg

Leatherback Turtle

Distinctive Characteristic: The biggest of all sea turtles.

Description: Its entire body is wrapped in skin similar to leather, unlike the carapace of other sea turtle types. They are not unique to the Philippines. They are known to come from Malaysia and only visit the Philippines for food.

Food: Jellyfish

Length: Up to 178 cm

Weight: 320 to 590 kg

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